We hope that this information answers any questions that you have!

Does everyone get through to the grand final?

Unfortunately, not everyone can be chosen for the grand final. We receive thousands of applications for the UK grand finals of Galaxy and the successful finalists are chosen. You have been offered a place because the judges think that you show huge potential and they loved your look. There are limited places in the grand final and to be offered a place is a great accomplishment.

I have been selected for the grand final, what happens next?

Firstly – Congratulations!! Getting through to the grand final is a huge achievement. The next step is to confirm your place in the competition; this is done by paying the sponsorship fee which is £350 including VAT! Or , if it is easier, you can pay a deposit of £54 (including VAT) which will secure your place and title, whilst you raise the rest. You can make payments to confirm your place here

How many winners will there be?

There will be five winners in total!
Junior Miss Galaxy UK
Miss Teen Galaxy-UK
Miss Galaxy-UK
Ms Galaxy UK
Mrs Galaxy UK

These five winners will travel internationally (normally to America) to compete in the Galaxy International pageant!! You can see more about the international finals here!

Why is there a sponsorship fee?

The sponsorship fee basically covers your place in the competition. As you can imagine, organising an event like this incurs many costs – including the venue, staging, staff, prizes and more. It would not be possible to hold such an event without a fee like this in place – there are sponsorship fees which are over £600 and so, we have kept this as low as possible for you.

I have never done anything like this before, do I need experience?

 No – not at all. We have a brilliant team that guide you through to whole experience and make it as fun as possible. You get a lot of guidance to make sure you know exactly what to do on the night. Most of the finalists are completely new to the world of pageants, so you have no reason to worry!

What will I get from competing in this competition?

The grand final is a lot of fun and the memories last a lifetime but we receive some amazing feedback from what the girls get who have competed with us! We receive a lot of comments from the contestants and their families after the final, they have thanked us as their confidence has increased so much. Many of our finalists have used the competition as a way to start in the modelling industry; others have loved fundraising for the charities and so have continued to do this after the competition. The variety of experiences that you can get from UK Galaxy pageants is amazing!

What happens at the grand final?

 Competing in the competition is such an amazing opportunity! Not only will you compete in the sparkling grand final, you will spend all day with the other girls having photoshoots, making friends, learning how to walk on stage – all whilst having lots of fun!

Who are the judges?

The judges are kept a secret until the grand final itself! They are all linked to the industry and know exactly what to do but do not worry – they are not scary! They will make this experience one to remember and make you feel at ease. There are no text votes at any stage of this competition; the winner is decided on the night of the competition.

Is there a certain look that I need to have for the competition?

 Absolutely not! The judges are not briefed on any particular look – the competition is about being yourself and being natural!

What dresses will I need?

You will be competing in three stages on stage which are fashion wear, swimwear and evening wear (no swimwear round for the Junior or Teen divisions). The fashion wear section is the fun round where you can wear a shorter dress which shows off your personality. The evening wear round tends to be the girls favourite as you wear a long evening round. You can see photographs of past events here 

I have more questions – can I call you?

 Of course! We will be more than happy to help. You can call us on 01925 767884. Our office is open Tues-Sat 9.30-5.30