Team UK had the grand final of the Galaxy International last night and all we can say is that they were absolutely incredible! Bethany Cammack (Miss Teen Galaxy England), Jennifer Mcsween (Miss Galaxy England), Caitlin Kinsella (Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland), Deone Robertson (Miss Galaxy Scotland), Daisy Whetlor (Miss Teen Galaxy Wales), Summer Ghanavati (Miss Galaxy Wales), Samantha Ratcliffe (Mrs Galaxy UK) and Kirsty Fletcher (Mrs Galaxy Europe) all did amazingly and we had a placement in every division!

Well done to Hannah Elliott, Junior Miss Galaxy UK, who placed 2nd runner up and received the awards from Best in Evening wear, photogenic and congeniality!!

Well done to all of Team UK who have all done amazing and well done to all the new winners, we wish you the best of luck with your year!