Galaxy International Floor Shot!

We are so excited to have received the official 2022 Galaxy International Queens floor shot, featuring of course two of our very own UK Galaxy Queens, who returned with the International titles from Texas back in August! Mia-Rose & Danielle walked away with the Galaxy International titles, which only means one thing for a Galaxy Girl… The International floor shot! We are obsessed! Take a look back at some of the other infamous floor shots from throughout the years.
Here is what our girls had to say about it…


In 2015, young Mia dreamt a dream, to become a Galaxy International queen… 7 years later she lay in the ‘WE MADE IT’ photo.

When this dream slowly starts to become a reality, something like this happens and I just can’t believe it all over again.”
– Mia Rose Lewis, Miss Galaxy International 2023
“I can’t believe that I’m actually posting this. I made my wish to be a Galaxy International Queen and screenshotted my lock screen to help me manifest. Today I finally set a new lock screen and I’m in it.”
-Danielle Latimer, Ms Galaxy International 2023